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2011 Chinese Horoscope Boar

Zodiac Boar Overall

The general fortune will stabilize gradually. Comparatively, it is a stable year that will be visualized as the period of accumulation for the future. Unfortunately, there are three stars of villains invading in your horoscope - Baihu (white tiger), Dasha( great calamity), and Tianxiong (ill development), which thwart your plans and progresses with reverses, gossips and other ravelments. As a result, these hardships may frustrate you a lot and cause depression and strains. To activate the auspicious stars and boost up your general fortune, Zodiac Boar can carry the 5 Element Good Luck Charm and place Yellow Jade Ingot in the northwest. It is also good for assimilating the wealthy chi from star Zuofu. The year of Rabbit is favorable for those who want to improve their education for it the zodiac rabbit is in compatible element with zodiac boar. The intelligence of the children is enlightened, and they are likely to get better grade in the school. To tap the energy of the educational star, zodiac boar can place the Black Stone Dragon Turtle in the southwest of their study room to usher the cosmic energy of star Wenqu.

5 Element Good Luck Charm Jade Ingot Black Stone Dragon Turtle

Suggestions for Career:

For the absence of auspicious star, Boar people have to work everything out by their own. They may need to strive alone, thus pressure is also loaded on their back. Nevertheless, this year is also the time to plow the hard earth and prepare for the future. It is a good time for them to learn and absorb professional knowledge and perfect their strength. Beside career wise, students studying for scholastic and academic exams have higher possibilities to develop their intelligence and succeed in the tests. Never neglect the harm from star Baihu( whiter tiger), for it brings knaves and gossips to you ( especially from female). Aiming at your success, jealousy and scandals occur as bothers. To triumph over the obstructions and smooth your sail to the goal, you can assemble the prosperous chi of the year by placing the HEAVEN AND EARTH AMULET in the southwest and the Citrine Gem Tree with Coins in the northwest. To prevent pitfalls, backstabber and other office politics problems, Zodiac boar can hang Magic Fire Wheel in the north and blue Rhino charm in the center. This arrangement is also beneficial for actualizing your inspiration luck and avoiding the disputes and lawsuit entanglements. To attain a better performance in your work and effectuate your success, place the Good Income Luck Talisman in the northeast. Keep Rose Quartz Wand with two red envelops in the north to regulate the ill-developed quarrelsome energy. Boar people should also keep in minds that never have a direct dissonance with other female this year as the White Tiger will also cause bloodshed.

HEAVEN AND EARTH AMULET Yellow Citrine Tree Magic Fire Wheel

Suggestions for Wealth:

Having a weak prosperity luck, Boar people may feel difficult to fulfill their financial wishes. The long term speculation is safer, for they are harder to gain profits from the short term one. It is not a good time to cooperate with someone to start a business. Boar people should also beware of the female clients' feedback and not cooperate with new partners this year, for some unreasonable contention may crop up. Office people can hide the Cosmic Tortoise Amulet inside their drawer to bless them with daily smoothness. To prevent your hard-earned money from mischief and avoid the unforeseen financial troublemakers, you are suggested to place the Crystal Number Eight in the northwest. To accumulate your wealth and visualize your financial success in the end, you are suggested to place the Dragon Turtle with Wen Chang Pagoda in the northeast and the Heaven Seal Amulet Keychain in the west. The Lunar February, May and July is the good time to actualize your monetary plan.

Cosmic Tortoise Amulet Crystal 8 Symbol Dragon Turtle with Wen Chang Pagoda

Suggestions for Relationship:

Without any supportive love star in the horoscope, your emotion is not steady and easy out of control. Even though the romance luck for singles is fragile; however, the male Boar people may have a chance to meet girls with quite a character. Couples will have some disagreements caused by the side of female family, which may consequently end their harmonious relationship. Communication and tolerance are very important for reaching the agreement with each other. Do avoid arguments for the presence of ominous star Baihu (white tiger) will maximize any friction. To bolster the love luck and meet the potential partners, singles can place Happy Kissing Couple in the west and the golden mandarin duck in the northeast of the bedroom. For those who want to fructify their courtship or look forward to marry their sweethearts, they can further carry the Jade Love Pendant with them to enhance their personal romance energy. Couples can prevent the disturbance from the third party and stabilize the love luck by placing rose quartz mandarin ducks in the west and Double Ring Magic Fire Wheel Amulet in the north.

Happy Kissing Couple Rose Quartz Mandarin Ducks Double Ring Magic Fire Wheel Amulet

Suggestions for Health:

Zodiac boar are susceptible to ailments and injuries for the trespass of stars Baihu( white tiger) and Dasha (great calamity), especially in Lunar January, April and December. Baihu star is also unfavorable for middle aged women; therefore, to keep the physical check on time is important. Dasha (great calamity) brings about undeserved ill turns, which require specific caution in driving, sports and work with potential dangers. Be careful when you are contacting with animal for you are likely to bit by them. Place the Metal Wu Lou Wind Chime in the east and Victory Banner Wind Chime in the south to prevent ailments from overstress and bring you an easeful mood in work. Besides, watch out when you are in touch with animals, you may get bit by them.

Metal Wu Lou Wind Chime Victory Banner Wind Chime

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