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2008 Chinese Horoscope Boar People - Feng Shui Tips

Overall in 2008

Beneath the calm surface, the general luck is going up and down. Potential problems are hiding and may somehow occur later. You need to prepare and adjust yourself to face new challenges because there is lacking of beneficial stars in your constellation this year. Striving with the new environment, different job, money loss and unstable fortune will add you lots of pressure. Roar people need pay specific attention to lawsuits (for example, getting fine ticket) and gossips among relationship. Place jade Ru yi on your work desk and hang a red scroll Good Future/charm with a red jade turtle in west to regulate your networking and avoid legal entanglements. Ill health is strongly indicated due to the arrival of sick star Bing fu. Wear a jade Buddha's hand necklace with you to cure the evil energy that afflicts you. The Buddha's hand is also beneficial for you to gain helper in the work and get you out of troubles.

Feng Shui Tips 1 for career

There will be some transits such as job switching in your career due to the presence of star Mo Yue. Place golden feng shui arrowana fish in north and a red laughing Buddha or Red Pi Yao in west to prevent you from gossips and backstabber and ensure a smooth transition in your work. Female Boar people who was born in 1971 need to take extra precaution on these problems. Since obstruction will be unavoidable to happen frequently in the new course, this golden arrowana is particularly beneficial to stimulate the Chi of flying star Six white, which will favor your migration luck and offer you a great support for striking an triumph in the end. To attain great benefactors and fully grasp your promotional luck, place a Jade eight-tangerine plant to tap the lucky star Eight White, which possesses the most auspicious and powerful energy in the time cycle of 2004 to 2024.

Feng Shui Tips 2 for wealth

Make a canny and financial plan before you invest and keep away from risky speculation. Money entanglement, fraud, theft or robbery indicates because of the ominous Wang Shen star in your palace of prosperity. Place a blue crystal Rhinoceros in southwest and a green aventurine gem tree in southeast to protect your finance from being lost accidentally and usher joyful fortune to well magnify your wealth. Businessman should also pay great attention when they are dealing with agreement or contract, they will lose money due to the arguments about document work. Hang a red scroll Fu gui you yu in the west of your business office and place a crystal pagoda in northeast to help you to initiate new ideas in the work. To improve the extra income luck, wearing a Pi yao bracelet is considerable.

Feng Shui Tips 3 for relationship

Singles can carry a jade butterfly necklace to spice up your romance luck. Placing golden mandarin ducks in the center is an authentic way to increase opportunities to meet the suitable love. For those who want to strengthen their love relationship or speed up for getting married, they can place the colorful feng shui dragon phoenix in southeast to actualize their dream of marriage. Attached or married couples will experience some disagreements this year, but the overall status of love is good. Stable couples don't need to trigger the love fortune; however, they can ensure a conjugal bliss and harmonious family by placing a rose quartz mandarin ducks beside their beds or a jade color Fuk Luk Sau in southeast of their living room.

Feng Shui Tips 4 for health

The ill star Bing Fu will really weaken the health of Boar people. Even little sickness may change into prolonged disease. Beware of endocrine diseases (problems of kidney, bladder, and urinal). Physical check is necessary to avoid potential dangers. Carry a white jade stone wulou with you all the time. Hang a wind chime in south and place a longevity dragon turtle with six coins in northwest to decrease the chance to contract the ill chi from evil star and make sure don't stay in the south and the northeast area of your house for too long. If your bedroom locates in either region above, you should hang a metal wu lou by your bed to remove the killing earth energy.

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