Custom Print on Chinese Wall Scroll Calendars 2019

By | July 11, 2018

We do custom print on Chinese wall scroll calendars! Simply choose one or more designs from following pictures, click contact us, write us your ads information, such as logo, company information, which you want to print on those Chinese scroll calendars. Or you can directly scan/take a photo of your business card and submit that photo to us at After we get your ads information, we will forward your information to China to make one digital Chinese scroll calendar sample. Once we have that sample calendar, we will get back to you and let you confirm back.

After you confirm and place your order, we will transfer your order to print those custom calendars in China. The time to print your custom calendars is approx. 3-6 weeks depending on your quantity. In order to save shipping cost to ship back those custom print calendars from China to US, we will collect all custom print scrolls from different orders and ship all together back to US in October or November. So you will receive your order in approx. November or December. If you need to rush your order, we can ship your order individually. However you need to cover the shipping cost from China to US for individual shipment.

There are 100 pcs of Chinese wall scroll calendars in one case. Each of the 2019 calendar will be packed in one plastic bag with a nice pretty colorful gift box. The dimension of the Chinese wall scroll is approx. 12 1/2″ (W) x 30″ (L). The area for your ads will be approx. 11″ x 3″ which will be under the 2019 calendar. There will be 3-5 lines for your ads.

Price for one custom print will be $1.75 plus shipping cost from San Marcos, CA, US to wherever you want to ship to. Minimum quantity for one design is 500 pcs (5 cases). For example, if you like 2 designs, you will need to order at least 1,000 pcs of scroll calendars (500 pcs for each design). Once you place your order, we need to collect the money for those scroll calendars before print. All orders can’t be cancelled and money for those calendars that we have collected from you are non-refundable.

If you want to wholesale 2019 Chinese calendars without custom print, please check wholesale 2019 Chinese calendars.

Chinese scroll calendar 1      Chinese scroll calendar 2      Chinese scroll calendar 3
Chinese scroll calendar 4      Chinese scroll calendar 5      Chinese scroll calendar 6
Chinese scroll calendar 7      Chinese scroll calendar 8      Chinese scroll calendar 9

Chinese scroll calendar 10      Chinese scroll calendar 11      Chinese scroll calendar 12
Chinese scroll calendar 13      Chinese scroll calendar 14      Chinese scroll calendar 15
Chinese scroll calendar 16      Chinese scroll calendar 17      Chinese scroll calendar 18

Chinese scroll calendar 19      Chinese scroll calendar 20      Chinese scroll calendar 21
Chinese scroll calendar 22      Chinese scroll calendar 23      Chinese scroll calendar 24
Chinese scroll calendar 25      Chinese scroll calendar 26      Chinese scroll calendar 27

Chinese scroll calendar 28      Chinese scroll calendar 29      Chinese scroll calendar 30

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