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Water Fountain
$60.00 $49.00
Dragon Phoenix
$48.00 $36.00
Special Metal Cures

Feng Shui Items, Feng Shui Gifts, Feng Shui Supplies

Feng shui items in this category are specially metal-made feng shui gifts to be used as metal cures.  Varieties of the feng shui supplies are available for wholesale either online or in our San Diego feng shui store. 

See other feng shui products, talisman amulets and lucky keychains.

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Brass Chi Lin
Brass Pi Yao
Big Fortune Bat with Big Coin
Singing Bowl with 8 Auspicious Objects
$98.00 $88.00
Golden Crab Sitting on Coins
$58.00 $52.00
Metal Cicada
Bejeweled White Tara
$99.00 $88.00
Bejeweled Red Tara
$99.00 $88.00
Bejeweled Green Dzambhala
$99.00 $88.00
HUM Syllable on Pink Lotus
$46.00 $39.99
5 Element OM AH HUM Singing Bell with Life of Tree
$52.00 $46.00
Metal Wu Lou Wind Chime
5 Element Pagoda with Tree of Life
$55.00 $38.00
Three Celestial Guardians Amulet Plaque
$27.99 $19.99
Bejeweled Fertility Green Tara
$99.00 $88.00
Bejeweled Medicine Buddha
$99.00 $88.00
Golden Abacus with Golden Pen
Feng Shui Bell with Wooden Handle

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