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Feng shui items in this category are specially metal-made feng shui gifts to be used as metal cures.  Varieties of the feng shui supplies are available for wholesale either online or in our San Diego feng shui store. 

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Bejeweled Tree of Life with Birds
SKU: 3321
This beautiful brass Tree of Life embedded with dazzling diamond-like clear crystals, red birds and Chinese gold coins is the symbol of bringing new opportunities, enhancing auspicious energy and good fortune.
Bejeweled Red Dragon with Flaming Sword
SKU: 3318
The Bejeweled Red Dragon combines the power of the dragon and flaming sword. The dragon is the traditional feng shui product to bring good fortune and the flaming sword can swipe all obstacles in your way.
Brass Chi Lin
SKU: 3208
Chi lin are also called Chinese dragon horses which have dragon head and horse body. They are heavenly creatures to bring wealth and success to your career. Some people use brass chi lin as cure and enhancement. They also can bring offspring to people.
Brass Pi Yao
SKU: 3207
Pi Yao is also called Pi Xiu or Pi Sou. Most people use brass pi yao as the cure to satisfy Tai Sui - Grand Duke. Pi Yao is also can ward off bad chi and help to get extra income too.
Big Fortune Bat with Big Coin
SKU: 3202
Fortune bat is one of the auspicious animal in feng shui. It pronounced as the Coming of the Good Luck in Chinese. Fortune bat with big Coin is the symbol of wealth and good luck. It also has the meanings of Boom in Business.
3 Legged Toad Carrying Coins
SKU: 3188
$25.99 $23.99
This 3 legged toad keychain carrying 2 strings of coins is used to attract wealth. Carry it to bring the luck of money into your life.
Singing Bowl with 8 Auspicious Objects
SKU: 3184
$98.00 $88.00
Singing bowl is well known for space clearing. It can produce sensational vibrations to clean the environment. This beautiful high quality singing bowl has 8 auspicious objects which can enhance good energy from 8 different locations.
Golden Crab Sitting on Coins
SKU: 3180
$58.00 $52.00
Once crab grasp anything, it will grasp it very firm and never loose it. Displaying it on your desk is good for career - catching any opportunities and money luck. It is the cure to solve competition for promotion and other office politics problems.
Metal Cicada
SKU: 3177
Cicada is one of the powerful feng shui items. It is the symbol of immortality and it is used for protection in politics. It is especially beneficial for whom are seeking protection against unfaithful friends.
Bejeweled White Tara
SKU: 3106
$99.00 $88.00
Tara is female Bodhisattva in Mahayana Buddhism. White Tara carrying herb is associated with longevity and healing. White Tara is also called white fertility tara. In addition, she is also known for wish-fulfilling, mercy and tranquility.
Bejeweled Red Tara
SKU: 3105
$99.00 $88.00
Tara is female Bodhisattva in Mahayana Buddhism. Red Tara carrying Dharma Wheel and weapons is associated with wealth and prosperity. Displaying Bejeweled Fertility Red Tara at your living room can increase your wealthy luck.
Bejeweled Green Dzambhala
SKU: 3104
$99.00 $88.00
Green Dzambhala is also a form of Buddha Akshobyah. He is one of the Five Wealthy gods. Green Dzambhala protects anyone who chants his mantra or chants his name. He also helps one who is in difficulties. His Mantra is Om Dzambhala Dzalim Dzaye Svaha.
HUM Syllable on Pink Lotus
SKU: 3098
$46.00 $39.99
The HUM syllable is the foundation of all mantras and pink lotus is the symbol of purity and love. HUM syllable on Pink lotus will enlighten your life and illustrate your future. This auspicious object is the best feng shui product to enhance life.
Dragon-Snake Nine Rings Sword of Power
SKU: 3082
$48.00 $42.00
Dragon-Snake 9 ring sword, which is the long sword with nine fastened rings, was carried by Kuan Kung. The 9 ring sword is used to swipe all obstacles in your career way and let you smoothly achieve your goal in feng shui.
3 Divine Guardians with Flaming Sword for 3 Killings
SKU: 3079
$86.00 $78.00
3 divine guardians which are Fu Dog (foo dog), Chi Lin and Pi Yao. They are also called 3 chi lin which is one of the perfect feng shui cures to deadly 3 killings which cause disasters.
5 Element OM AH HUM Singing Bell with Life of Tree
SKU: 3078
The metal sound of the 5 Element Pagoda Ringing Bell can dissolve the sickness chi caused by the flying star Five Yellow. The life of tree can bring more good opportunities and transform bad energies into auspicious energy. It is the feng shui product to
Metal Wu Lou Wind Chime
SKU: 3076
This wind chime has six solid brass dangling wu lou is special feng shui product to lower sickness chi. It is the metal cure to flying star 2 Black. It is the item to bring good health.
5 Element Pagoda with Tree of Life
SKU: 3073
$55.00 $45.00
5 Element Pagoda with Tree of Life and Seed Syllable is the powerful feng shui cure to Five Yellow that is the sickness flying star causes sick. The Tree of Life brings life and the birds on the trees transform misfortune into opportunities.

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