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Feng Shui Jewelry: Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings, Rings

Feng shui jewelry has jewelry necklace pendants, feng shui bracelets, feng shui earrings and feng shui rings. 

Jewelry necklace pendants have Chinese jade necklace pendants, gemstone necklace pendants, Tibetan Dzi necklaces, Chinese pearl necklaces and feng shui pendants.

Feng shui bracelets have Chinese jade bracelets, gemstone bracelets, liuli bracelets, Tibetan Dzi bracelets, cat eye bracelets, feng shui crystal bracelets, sterling bracelets and other jewelry bracelets.

Feng shui earrings have Chinese jade earrings, Chinese pearl earrings, sterling silver earrings and feng shui crystal earrings.

Feng shui rings have Chinese jade rings, unique rings such as Buddha rings, frog rings, etc,  sterling silver rings, Tibetan mantra spinning rings and some big jade rings for men. 

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Small Bangle for Baby
SKU: 1081
This small bangle which has 1 5/8" inner diameter only is specially designed for baby or small kid. It is made of carnelian natural stone to bring ingenuity. Color is various from pearl white to light brown color.
Liuli Bracelet
SKU: 1080
The pictures on liuli bracelets are painted inside using some sorts of special technology and art craft. Its colorful pictures will stay forever.
Sterling Silver Earrings
SKU: 1079
One big brilliant crystal is embedded on this pair of shoe shape earrings.
Liuli Bracelet
SKU: 1077
Even thought liuli bracelet is made of glass, it is not easily broken since it uses some special treatment. Wearing such liuli bracelet will feel smooth and "cool" feelings. Its colorful picture will bring you more pretty and confidence.
Liuli Bracelet
SKU: 1076
This liuli bracelet that has beautiful colorful pictures on it is elastic bracelet. You will feel more comfortable and pretty when you wear it.
Liuli bracelet is made of liuli that is one kind of expensive glass. It uses some sorts of special tech
Tibetan Beaded Bracelet
SKU: 1075
Style: Round Beaded Bracelet
Materials: DZI Beads
Color: Red
Beads: 5 Big Beads
Length: Adjustable
Sterling Silver Earrings
SKU: 1074
This pair of sterling is decorated with some beautiful lustering crystals.
Sterling Silver Earrings
SKU: 1073
These flower shape earrings are inset with a lot of small round flaring crystals.
Jade Earrings
SKU: 1072
This pair of beautiful jade earrings has one round shape Chinese jade pendant decorated with crystal in the center.
Jade Pendants
SKU: 1067
This jade pendant is decorated with a lot of crystals around it. Jade is proud of its value of getting more energy for the body. It is believed that it can protect person who wearing it.
Chain Option:
Jade Pendants
SKU: 1065
Jade is good for health. Wearing jade pendant can bring good luck, peace and health.
Drop-Shaped Jade Pendant
SKU: 1061
Wearing such beautiful simple Chinese drop-shaped jade pendant can bring you good luck and good health.
Chain Option:
Guan Gong Pendant
SKU: 1060
Guan Gong represents power, honor and strength.
chain Option:
Crystal Bracelets
SKU: 1050
There are three different colors of crystal bracelets. You can choose which one you like by clicking the Color selecting box.
Chinese Green Jade Beads
SKU: 1049
5 pieces of Chinese Green Jade Beads for different uses, such as for rings, bracelets, earrings, pendants or necklaces.
White Stone Bracelets
SKU: 1048
This kind of stone is called Che Ke which is grown in sea. Wearing it can keep bad energy away and bring good luck.
Sterling Bracelet w/ Round Clear Crystals
SKU: 1046
This lovely bracelet is consisted of 5 round shape clear crystals. Wearing such clear crystal sterling bracelet will bring you more good energy. The length of bracelet is approx. 8".
Sterling Bracelet w/ Red Heart Crystals
SKU: 1045
This pretty bracelet has 5 heart shape red crystals embedded on it. Red heart bracelet is the perfect gift for your lover.

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