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Feng Shui Ru Yi
SKU: 4530
Golden Ru Yi is one of the most powerful symbols of power, leadership, authority, and prosperity. This beautiful golden ru yi has exquisite jade and crystal details, and its gorgeous appearance makes it a perfect ornament for home or a desk.
Lotus Root
SKU: 4488
One golden lotus root on water with coins is the feng shui enhancer to stimulate rank of status and career promotion. In Chinese culture, the Lotus Root represents excellent promotional and educational fortune.
Tiger, Ox and Crystal Ball
SKU: 4485
This item, combining with ox, tiger and crystal ball, is specially designed to activate the wealth and career star #6. Flying star #6 locates in the northeast corner, the houses of zodiac Tiger and Ox, and makes the northeast one of the auspicious corner
2/7 HOTU Magic Mirror for Big Money
SKU: 4480
The 2/7 HOTU Magic Mirror for Big Money features the God of Wealth carrying ingots, along with Snake and Dragon, two zodiacs that together create the magnificent luck.
4/9 Hoto Mirror for Big Profits
SKU: 4479
Embellished with lucky signs of trade and enterprise, this powerful 4/9 Hoto mirror for big profits is able to create excellent luck of business, favoring commercial and investment endeavors, especially for...
3/8 HOTU Mirror for Career
SKU: 4478
This brass 3/8 Hoto mirror, embellished with the symbols of RuYi , is a great enhancer of authority and power for career, such as elevation of rank and managerial advancement.
Royal Emblems Mirror
SKU: 4476
Featuring of the queen of the west, precious minster and general, this royal emblems mirror can bring enormously good fortune including a long life filled with great honor, wealth and fame. Further more, it can boost your power and rank.
Precious Windhorse and Elephant Mirror
SKU: 4475
Featuring of windhorse carrying flaming jewel of victory and elephant carrying Mani BaoZhu with ru yi, this precious windhorse and elephant can promote your career success and victory.
Annual Amulet for Bountiful Harvests
SKU: 4466
Embellished with three rams and the sun, signifying a propitious start of life and career, this medallion is a great career enhancer. It is very beneficial for those who want to strive for a better career and seek for promotion.
Bejeweled Elephant Statue Carrying Ru Yi
SKU: 4425
This absolutely superb ivory white bejeweled elephant accented with sparkling crystals and pink trappings is carrying one feng shui ru yi to bring success.
Bejeweled White Windhorse Stepping on Mountain Amulet Keychain
SKU: 4227
This white windhorse amulet keychain has one absolutely gorgeous bejeweled white windhorse accented with sparkling crystals and gold trappings carrying diamond jewel of victory and stepping on the mountain with mantra.
Amitabha Red Crystal Ball
SKU: 4226
Featuring the peace-loving mantras of Amitabha Buddha, the head of the Lotus family, this beautiful red crystal ball has the sacred power of bringing peace and harmony.
Heart Sutra Crystal Ball
SKU: 4225
This precious yellow crystal ball with Heart Sutra etched has the sacred power of creating a harmonious ambiance of love, blessings and financial security. It brings auspicious cosmic power that helps one to actualize the luck of prosperity, career and...
Jade Emperor with Sun & Moon Windchime
SKU: 4222
The Jade Emperor is believed to be the one who rules all the affairs of mankind and provides divine assistance when needed.The moon and the sun represent the energy and the balance of the entire universe; the wind chime symbolizes smooth journey of ...
Bejeweled White Windhorse Stepping on Mountain
SKU: 4217
$99.00 $88.00
This absolutely gorgeous bejeweled white windhorse accented with sparkling crystals and gold trappings is carrying diamond jewel of victory and stepping on the mountain with mantra to brings one victory and fame.
3/8 Hotu Mirror for Power and Growth
SKU: 4180
$36.00 $28.50
The mirror features the Victory Horse galloping on the Ruyi scepter of power; in the background stands a wish-fulfilling tree. There three auspicious symbols together signify a growth of one's potential.
Golden Ru Yi Scepter with Auspicious Word
SKU: 4114
Golden Ru Yi is the symbol of power and authority as well as doing everything well. This golden ru yi has jades on both sides of the ru yi to represent good health in feng shui.
Double Golden Horse Statue for Booming Luck
SKU: 4093
This stunning golden horse statue stepping on money bag, coins and ingots has the meanings of bringing affluence wealth and powerful success. Placing this horse in home for this 2014 represent success and good future.

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