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Feng Shui Tips for Success in Business

Activate some auspicious feng shui products in your office to make it as feng shui office can create precious cosmic energy to your business.  

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Golden Dragon on Ru Yi
SKU: 3528
$76.00 $66.00
This golden on one ru yi represents good luck, prosperity, success and authority since Dragon is the auspicious animal to bring good luck and wealth whilst ru yi has the meanings of success and authority.
Feng Shui Abacus with Fan Amulet
SKU: 3523
$19.99 $15.99
This brass amulet has one feng shui abacus with fan behind. Abacus can bring prosperity, success and wealth in Feng Shui. And fan can sweep bad luck and turn the bad energy into good energy.
Standing Guan Gong Holding Guan Dao
SKU: 3475
Guan Gong who wears the dragon robe and holds the guan dao sword is the famous Chinese God of War. It is regarded as the god of wealth as well as the protector of the politicians and business leaders alike. Guan Gong is the excellent god for business.
Chinese Dragon Statue
SKU: 3394
The beautiful shinning gold dragon statue is the auspicious animal to bring good luck, prosperity and wealth. It is blowing one red ball and chasing the ball is believed of the auspicious symbol.
Water Fountain
SKU: 3313
$88.00 $59.99
One crystal ball stands on the top the water fountain to represent money flowing from the heaven. Running water stands for wealth by feng shui. You can use it as your tabletop water fountain.
Water Fountain
SKU: 3310
$70.00 $49.99
This water fountain is good as used as your desk fountain. Water makes the crystal ball rolling, falls down to the pots one by one, then to the base. Running water and ball represent wealth according to feng shui.
Water Fountain
SKU: 3290
$538.00 $438.00
This octagon big water fountain has one big crystal ball on the top of the fountain. Running water makes the crystal ball running and falls down to the second level of the octagon big fountain. It is perfect to use as your garden fountain or yard founta
Big Fortune Bat with Big Coin
SKU: 3202
Fortune bat is one of the auspicious animal in feng shui. It pronounced as the Coming of the Good Luck in Chinese. Fortune bat with big Coin is the symbol of wealth and good luck. It also has the meanings of Boom in Business.
Dragon Sailing Boat Carrying Wealth
SKU: 3148
$45.00 $39.50
This beautiful gold color dragon shaped sailing boat is believed the one to carry good luck, wealth and prosperity to home. Sailing boat also represents Doing Everything Well and Wishes Coming True. It is good for your office or home.
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Big Foo Dogs
SKU: 3108
Chinese Foo Dogs are believed as the civilian door gods. They are placed in a pair to provide ultimate protection, guard against evil spirits and harmful people, nourishes chi that enters homes, bring in happy blessings. It is big foo dogs.
Golden Money Frog Statue Sitting on Lotus
SKU: 2934
$188.00 $168.00
Golden money frog statue sitting on lotus has the meanings of Abundant Year by Year. Golden money frog is the item representing wealth and abundant. Lotus is pronounced Year in Chinese.
Golden Abacus with Golden Pen
SKU: 2926
9 column golden abacus is used to boost your money luck in fengshui. It can prompt your sale if you display it near to your cash register. Golen pen can help you have more ability to manage your financial to prevent money losing.
Wealthy God Key Chain
SKU: 2923
Wealthy god is the god in charge of wealth. Wealthy god key chain is good for whom has business.
Golden Garlic Key Chain
SKU: 2915
Golden garlic has the meanings of wealth and opportunities. It is one of the powerful feng shui products. Carrying golden garlic key chain signifies a lot of good opportunities coming to you. It is excellent choice for whom begins with new business.
Fortune Bat with 5-Coin Talisman
SKU: 2850
Fortune Bat is one of the auspicious animal in feng shui. It pronounced as the coming of the Good Luck in Chinese. 5-coin is the symbol of wealth. It has the meanings of Boom in Business and good for business.
8 Auspicious Objects
SKU: 2823
8 auspicious objects are Tibetan 8 auspicious objects which are Canopy, Golden Fishes, Jar, Lotus, Conch, Mystic Knot, Victory Bell and Wheel of Transmigration. 8 auspicious objects can enhance good energy from 8 different locations and...
Double Carps Jumping Over Dragon Gate Amulet
SKU: 2723
The amulet has the image of double carps jumping over the dragon gate on both sides of the amulets. In Chinese tale, carps will go to heaven after they jump over the dragon gate. The amulet can be used as education amulet or business amulet.
Lucky Cat on Ingot
SKU: 2589
Golden lucky cat with left paw up invites more good energy to your business. Feng Shui ingot that lucky cat is sitting on is the symbol of wealth. In addition, the swing motion of its left paw of can activate more good chi and enhance its power to bring .

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