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Chinese new year

Chinese items and decoration pictures for Chinese New Year 2013 - the Year of Snake. Wholesale snake statues and Chinese products for 2013.
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Chinese New Year Decoration
SKU: 2641
Posting Chinese New Year decoration pictures on doors are believed to bring good luck and prosperity in the coming year on Chinese New Year or New Year Eve. The meanings of the decoration picture is Good Luck.
Chinese New Year Firecrackers
SKU: 2640
Letting off firecrackers is one of Chinese traditional in Chinese New Year. Chinese believe that the distinctive sound of the firecrackers can ward off bad spirits that are happened in the previous year and bring joyfulness in the coming year.
Chinese New Year Banners
SKU: 2639
Chinese have traditions to hang spring festival couplets or Chinese new year banners to celebrate traditional new year and bring good luck, wealth in the coming year. There are 4 different kinds of Chinese New Year Banners with different meanings...
Colorful Chinese Money Envelopes
SKU: 2628
In China, people put money inside the money envelopes and give away to their relatives, children and friends on Chinese New Year. Money envelopes are also call red envelopes.
Golden Garlic
SKU: 2387
Golden Garlic is one of the powerful feng shui products. It signifies a lot of good opportunities coming to you. In addition, golden garlic also presents wealth. It is excellent choice for whom begins with new business or seeks opportunity of promotion.
Bejeweled Bai Choi
SKU: 2385
Bai Choi is feng shui cabbage which is the symbol of wealth. It is pronounced as hundred wealth in Chinese. In practice feng shui, displaying Bejeweled Bai Choi (cabbage) at home/office can attract prosperity and money chi.
Money Trees
SKU: 2318
Money trees represent wealth and abundance in feng shui. The money will become more and more as the tree becomes bigger and bigger. People like to display money trees in the house foretelling good omen for the coming year in Chinese New Year.
Jade Tangerine Plant
SKU: 1850
Tangerine plant in feng shui is very good symbol of feng shui. Chinese People like to display tangerines at home to bring good luck. It is the very powerful feng shui item to bring good luck chi to home.
Jade Peaches
SKU: 1833
Peach Tree is good symbol of long life. It is used to enhance health luck. This jade peach plant has 5 pieces of peaches and it is approx. 8" in height.
Money Trees
SKU: 1782
In feng shui, golden money trees represent wealth and abundance. Money will become more and more as the tree becomes bigger and bigger. People like to display golden money trees with Chinese coins in the house bring good omen for the coming year in Chines
Five Wealthy Gods
SKU: 1777
Five Wealthy Gods bring wealth from East, west, south, north and center. It means that wealth come from all over the world.
Metal Ingots
SKU: 1770
Since Metal Ingot is the symbol of wealth and money, people use it to bring money luck and solve financial problems. you can display it on your wealthy position or on the top of your TV.
Happy New Year Greeting Cards
SKU: 1697
Happy New Year Greeting Card has the images of Chinese lanterns and Chinese greeting words. Chinese lanterns are the symbol of happiness and harmony. Picture may be a little different from the picture shown here.
Red Scroll - Good Luck
SKU: 1607
The Big Chinese Character on it is the Chinese Character Good Luck. Under it, there are one hundred different ways of writing of Good Luck. The red scroll means a lot of Good Luck. It is also called One Hundred Good Luck Picture. It is good for hanging at
Chinese New Year Pictures
SKU: 1429
The Chinese character on it is Spring. They are is used to glue on any doors for Chinese New Year.
Chinese New Year Decoration Pictures
SKU: 1427
These Chinese New Year decoration pictures are called Gong Hei Fa Choi which is consisting of one lovely lucky boy and one lucky girl. "Gong Hei Fa Choi" is the meanings of congratulation of wealth. They are used to glue on outdoor to bring wealth.
Metal Ingots
SKU: 888
It is the symbol of wealth and money. Displaying them at home/office is said to bring prosperity. There are Chinese characters Welcome Prosperity and Do Everything Well carved on it. It looks pretty.
Chinese Greeting Card
SKU: 735
Chinese greeting card with warming Greeting Happy New Year and pictures of Lucky Boy and Lucky Girl. Lucky Boy and Lucky Girl is the meanings of Gong Hei Fa Choi.