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Horse Carrying Flaming Jewel of Victory Amulet
SKU: 3922
This bejeweled white horse carrying flaming jewel of victory amulet is use to bring you luck of your success and victory to your career.
Elephant Carrying Mani BaoZhu Amulet
SKU: 3921
This amulet has one elephant carrying mani baozhu. It is the amulet to bring treasure, good luck and good health.
7-Level Pagoda KeyChain Amulet
SKU: 3920
$22.99 $19.50
Carrying such beautiful 7-Level Pagoda keychain amulet can overcome the deadly flying star Five Yellow as well as enhance academic luck.
Pair of White Elephants
SKU: 3914
This pair of precious white elephants has one with trunk up and one with trunk down. They are the feng shui enhancers to ensure the luck of the big auspicious. Furthermore the pair of the white elephants can swipe out the path obstacles.
Longevity Knowledge Vase Amulet
SKU: 3913
The longevity knowledge vase amulet is the feng shui cure to ward off sickness energy and bring good health. It is related to Amitayus Buddha who is the Buddha of longevity, merit and wisdom. This amulet is one of the most powerful healing amulets.
Bejeweled Camel
SKU: 3911
This bejeweled two-humped camel carrying jewelry and 3 bells on both sides is the feng shui animal to lead you out of your financial problems. It is important to have it at home or office if you have any financial problems.
Pair of Golden Camels Keychain
SKU: 3910
$27.99 $24.99
Pair of the golden camel chained together is the feng shui enhancer to protect business, overcome financial difficulties and safeguard your wealth.
Pair of Golden Camels
SKU: 3886
$148.00 $128.00
Pair of the golden camel stepping on the bed of ingots is the powerful feng shui product to protect your business. It can help you overcome financial difficulties and safeguard your wealth.
Protection Amulet with Mirror and Blessings
SKU: 3883
$28.99 $24.50
This protection amulet has three main security pieces: The mirror, the crystal jewel and the mantra's holder. It is also called Talisman Holder with Mirror and Faux Diamond. Recommended to anyone who wants protection, specially the zodiac signs that may
Wish Granting Tree Amulet
SKU: 3872
$19.99 $17.99
The beautiful amulet has one wish granting tree embedded with Darmachakra magic wheel, mystic knot, bird, double dorje, golden ingot, golden mongoose, pink lotus and wish fulfilling jewel and sacred seed syllable.
Amitayus Buddha Healing Amulet
SKU: 3870
This golden amulet has the image of Amitayus Buddha with Bamboo for healing. The Amitayus Buddha is the Buddha of longevity, merit and wisdom. Meanwhile, bamboo represents safety and good health in feng shui.
Golden Pagoda with Camel Amulet
SKU: 3869
$23.99 $19.99
The beautiful amulet is consisting of one bejeweled 7 level pagoda and one bejeweled camel. Seven level pagoda is the powerful feng shui item to suppress down bad energy caused the 5 yellow. Camel is believed to overcome hard times and financial problems.
Annual Protection Amulet
SKU: 3868
This Annual Protection Amulet has the images of harvest and cherry blossom on one side to create growth energy and black tortoise with snake surrounded 5 bats on the another side to bring wealth and abundance.
Tribute Windhorse Amulet
SKU: 3867
$21.99 $19.99
This beautiful bejeweled tribute windhorse amulet carrying ingots is for victory, wealth and success since Windhorse and ingot in feng shui are the symbol of wealth and success.
Pendant of Wind Horse
SKU: 3866
$22.00 $19.99
This beautiful pendant has the wind horse image surrounded by the powerful seed syllable and mantra for success and protection. Win horse is the symbol of success. It is believed that it can bring you victory and success.
Tai Sui Amulet
SKU: 3865
$19.99 $15.99
Tai Sui amulet is the protection for whom offends to Tai Sui. It is also beneficial for whom are not affected by Tai Sui. Tai Sui amulet has the image of Tai Sui Xu Dan on one side and Taoist talisman on the other side.
Wish Granting Tree Mirror with Jade Vase
SKU: 3861
$49.99 $38.00
The beautiful heavy Wish Granting Tree Mirror has one wish granting tree embedded with jewel on one side and one Mongoose on the another side. Under the mirror, there is one beautiful hand carved jade vase to accumulate your wealth.
Wish Granting Tree with Charm
SKU: 3860
The beautiful Wish Granting Tree with Charm has one wish granting tree embedded with jewel on one side and one Mongoose on the another side. This amulet can activate wealth luck, capture the power of prosperity and let you wish come true.

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