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Talisman amulets have protection amulets, lucky talismans, Chinese talisman and feng shui amulets. Talisman and amulets wholesale at Feng Shui Import store.

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Green Tara Twirling Prayer Wheel
SKU: 3425
Turning the twirling prayer wheel clockwise each day can bring good luck and keep from negative energy. Green Tara can help you wishes come true. It is believed that she has endless powers to overcome obstacles and dissolve all kinds of problems.
Rooster Fan Amulet
SKU: 3424
$19.99 $17.99
Rooster in feng shui can peck away third party. It is the feng shui product to secure marriage and protect against marriage infidelity. Furthermore, fan can blow away bad spirits and turn bad energy back to good energy back.
Fire Totem Talisman
SKU: 3423
The fire totem talisman is consisting of 3 powerful Sanskrit syllables - BAM syllable, AH syllable and HRIH syllable on the top. These 3 syllables are joined by one lotus and utpala flower - all the five items in the totem represent Fire Element.
5 Element Pagoda Amulet with Tree of Life
SKU: 3422
The 5 Element Pagoda amulet is carved with the Tree of Life in which has the meanings of giving us vigorous life. 5 Element Pagoda is specially designed to lower the affect of the deadly flying star 5 Yellow.
Money Tree with Crystal Base
SKU: 3418
This beautiful brass money tree is the excellent feng shui energizer for enhancing money luck. One wealthy pot under the money tree, which represents the place to hold your money, will prevent you from losing money.
Omani Protective Amulet
SKU: 3415
This protective amulet has the powerful script - Om Mani Padme Hum which is the six powerful syllable mantra in Tibetan script. On the reverse side, it has protective syllable HRIH. This amulet can protect you from harm and bring good fortune.
Silver Medicine Buddha Script Amulet
SKU: 3414
This silver amulet is printed with medicine Buddha script which can protect your health from sickness. The script is in Sanskrit. The medicine Buddha mantra has the meanings of healing efficacy, remedy for sickness, drug or medicine, etc.
Golden Medicine Buddha Script Amulet
SKU: 3413
This golden amulet is printed with medicine Buddha script which can protect your health from sickness. The script is in Sanskrit. The medicine Buddha mantra has the meanings of healing efficacy, remedy for sickness, drug or medicine, etc.
Red Bhrum Syllable
SKU: 3398
$19.99 $17.99
The red Bhrum syllable contains both the power of HUM and BAM. HUM syllable is the foundation of all mantras whilst BAM syllable has power to ward off evil and spirit harm.
Bejeweled Crab
SKU: 3370
This Bejeweled crab embedded with a lot of dazzling diamond-like clear crystals is feng shui products to help people prevent pitfalls and backstabber. It helps people pursuit their goals strongly and smoothly.
Om Mani Padme Hum Keychain
SKU: 3341
Om mani padme hum is the six powerful syllable mantra in Tibetan script. Carrying such protection keychain can help you against harm and bring good fortune.
Kalachakra Tenfold Powerful symbol Protection Amulet
SKU: 3340
Kalachakra Tenfold Powerful symbol is a very important protection amulet in Tibet. Kalachakra is Time Wheel literally in Chinese. Tenfold Powerful symbols are consisting of 3 pictures and 7 Devanagari. It has the power to get health and harmony.
Silver Hamsa with Blue Evil Eyes
SKU: 3339
The silver hamsa is good for travel. Silver Hamsa, which is known as the hand of Fatima, is a palm shaped amulet in North Africa and Middle East. It is used as protection amulet.
Evil Sword with Evil Eyes
SKU: 3338
The feng shui amulet has one evil sword with a lot of evil eyes. It is believed by many cultures that evil eyes be able to see any evil spirits in order to ward off them and protect you from harm. In addition, evil sword can eliminate bad spirits.
Three Elephants with Evil Eyes
SKU: 3337
The protection charm has three elephants with evil eyes. It is believed that evil eyes can see the evil spirits so that they can keep you away evil spirits. Evil eyes also can guard you from jealousy.
Brass Kwan Yin Riding on Phoenix
SKU: 3320
$168.00 $148.00
This majestic looking brass kwan yin accented with crystal jewels is riding on phoenix. The Phoenix signifies rising and significant transformation of one's life. And Kwan yin known as the Goddess of Mercy is flying to where people need her help.
Bejeweled Wishfulfilling Mystic Knot
SKU: 3319
This fine silver plated show piece has one mystic knot with lotus shape as the stand. Mystic knot known as infinity knot has the endless symbol that represents success, rich and undying love. And lotus base has one compartment as a wish fulfilling box.
Chinese Horoscope Ally Amulet for Rabbit, Sheep and Pig
SKU: 3213
Chinese zodiac rabbit, sheep and pig are allied together. By Chinese horoscope, if zodiac signs are allied, they will be very strong if they are combined together. In addition, rectangle shape represents Wood Element that enhance its power too.

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